Even though we’ve improved it, our grant application and final reports processes are similar to the ones you were used to. Here are a few tips and tricks to make them even easier and help you along the way.

Profile type: Bear in mind that each different profile type (individual, non-charity organization, music publisher, etc.) has their own type of grant. Individuals, music publishers and bands can apply for travel assistance grants, while organizations have access to Canadian music presentation grants.

Error message: In most cases, error messages after submitting a grant application are due to missing information in the form. Bear in mind that ALL sections of the form must be filled out. For example, the “Budget” section: it is mandatory to fill out the “Revenues” line, even if the revenues are $0.

Save your draft: Frequently save your draft to ensure you do not lose any info accidentally. In some cases, you even need to save your draft before moving on to the form’s next step.

Various portal sections: You might have noticed the portal has slightly changed, lately. We’re still trying out things so we achieve the most user-friendly configuration for everyone. In the first section, on the left, you’ll find our various financing opportunities. If you don’t see any information, you’ve either already submitted the maximum number of applications or no longer have access to those applications, or the application forms are not yet available. Next is the “My Applications” section, itself divided into “In Progress” and “Active/Completed”. The “In Progress” section contains the applications you are currently working on and have yet to be submitted. The “Active/In Progress” contains the applications for which you have or will have something to complete, the ones you need to accept, or the ones that are closed. Finally, the “Requires Attention” section shows you the applications for which you need to submit a final report. Note that you can click on the plus sign (+) to view all your applications in a given section.

Language: When you are filling out an application form in one language, certain information will not display when you connect in another language. You must therefore make sure you use only French or English when you fill out a form. It is not possible to switch from one language to the other.