Go to www.socanfoundation.ca, and browse grants, awards, or programs. Click “View Online Form” to create an account for grants, and awards. Click “Apply Here” below available opportunities. Note: You must select either an individual account or an organizational account when you create an account. Take a look at our grants page to make sure you select the right type of account for you.

Programs: All SOCAN members

Travel Assistance and Professional Development Assistance: Individual SOCAN members who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents

Canadian Music Assistance: Organizations

Work Commissioning Assistance: Individuals and organizations

Awards: Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are SOCAN members or willing to become one.

All payments are paid by direct deposit. Payments are received 2-3 weeks after the reception and approval of the final report and once the banking information is submitted in the portal. Successful applicants need to submit their banking information for every grant they receive. Note: You will be notified by email once the payment has been processed and the funds will be deposited in the next 2 to 3 business days.

Log in to your account, and go to the “Requires Attention” section. You will find the final report form under the “Pending” tab. Complete the form and submit it.

Go to the “Requires Attention” section of your account, click on “Pending Banking Information”, enter your bank details, sign, upload a void cheque or a direct deposit authorization form from your bank, and click submit.

All payments are made upon reception and approval of the final report. Once approved, you’ll receive the payment between 2 to 4 weeks by direct deposit. It is possible that you receive a notification from your bank a couple of days before receiving the deposit.

Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email notification from SF indicating that new information is now available to view in your account. Log in and verify the status of your grant.

Yes, please check your account as each grant and program has a different final report due date. If you do not submit your report by the due date, the funds may be canceled or your account may be flagged. Award winners are not required to submit a final report.

They each have an ongoing deadline and are reviewed four (4) times a year.

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