Grants are provided to assist individuals, corporations, performers, ensembles, and presenters to commission SOCAN members to create new works in the genre of concert / classical music. Please note that this grant is not intended to fund film scores.

The intent of this program is to reach beyond local, regional, provincial, and federal arts council funding bodies and encourage other members of our community (individuals, organizations or companies) to commission new musical works.

In order to be eligible, applicants must match the Work Commissioning Assistance grant with privately raised funds. The total commissioning budget may include Federal, Provincial or Municipal funding but the Work Commissioning Assistance Grant portion will only match privately raised funds. Applications that do not include a clear description of the source of the privately raised funds will be disqualified.

This grant will match funds from $1,000 to a maximum of $3,000 that the applicant will have raised during the period of the fundraising initiative. Applications may have more than one SOCAN member create the commissioned work with commissioning funds divided equally between the collaborators. Only SOCAN writer members can receive matching grant funds.

SOCAN members being commissioned cannot apply directly to this program.

A SOCAN member can only receive one (1) Work Commissioning Assistance Grant every two (2) calendar years.

To be eligible the applicant must not have a familial relationship with, nor be an employer of, the SOCAN member(s) being commissioned.

Applicants must demonstrate that the commissioned work will have a public performance and provide details as to how the SOCAN Foundation support will be acknowledged.

The application must include an agreement between the applicant and the SOCAN member(s) being commissioned indicating, at least, the following:

  • the SOCAN writer member(s) retains copyright of the commissioned work;
  • the total commissioning fee, indicating the amount to be provided by the SOCAN Foundation;
  • that must be matched by funding provided by private sources;
  • the projected date (month, year) of completion of the work;
  • the projected date (month, year) of first public performance;
  • the funding being matched by the SOCAN Foundation is not derived from public funding;
  • the applicant will inform the SOCAN Foundation of delivery of the completed work that includes the commissioned work’s SOCAN Identification number;
  • include the clause: “The parties acknowledge that the Work Commissioning Assistance Grant will be paid directly by the SOCAN Foundation to the SOCAN member(s) being commissioned.

The applicant may only submit one application per deadline.




$1,000 – $3,000


Apply to be considered for a grant by submitting our online form.