Arlo Maverick, Edmonton’s up and coming rapper and MC, has been making waves in the underground Hip Hop scene recently. In his interview with vice he mentions his love for sharing the wealth of information he has with other musicians like him through vlog.
Last year Arlo wanted to showcase his music at Zandari music festival in South Korea. He decided to apply to the SOCAN Foundation Travel grant in 2017 in order to make his dream come true which he was consequently awarded. The opportunity led Arlo Maverick to expand his fan base in Asia, showcase his music to talent buyers and festival organizers, and attend the conference component of Zandari to further their understanding of the music industry.

Arlo Maverick is a perfect example of a songwriter who pays attention to all the resources he has access to in order to take his and his bands career to the next stage. We are proud to help him and many other SOCAN members to accomplish new career goals.

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