This annual competition is designed to recognize Canadian composers who are 30 years of age and under, for original musical themes or scores created exclusively for audio-visual support (TV, film, Internet, etc.).


Best Original Theme (opening or closing)

Best Original Score — Fiction

Best Original Score — Animated

Best Original Score — Non-Fiction


Entries submitted will be examined by a jury of prominent composers selected by the SOCAN Foundation. Excellence will be an overriding factor in adjudication.

The jury may, but need not, award all prizes in each category. The jury reserves the right, where deemed beneficial to the entry, to move an entry to another category. The jury’s decisions are final.


Two prizes will be offered in each of four categories: 1st prize — $3,000; 2nd prize — $2,250.

The Grand Prize of $5,000 for the best overall work may also be awarded.


– The competition is open to composers who are 30 years of age or under on the application deadline.
– Candidates must be Canadians and SOCAN members or Canadians who are not members of any performing rights organization.
– Entries that were award winners in previous SOCAN Foundation Awards are not eligible.
– SOCAN and SOCAN Foundation board members and employees are not eligible.


Terms and Conditions


– Candidates must complete a separate application form per entry.
– All music must have been created exclusively for an original audio-visual production (TV, film, Internet, etc.).
Commercials (advertisements) are not eligible.
– All music must be wholly original and created by one composer, or, in the case of Best Original Theme, by no more than one composer and one lyricist. Arrangements are not eligible.
– Entry may be for any instrument(s) and may feature performers other than the composer.
– Entries in this competition will not be judged anonymously since composer credits will often appear in audio-visual materials submitted.
– Music must be synchronized to images and may originate from professional or student productions.
– Candidates may enter no more than one work per category. In cases where a work may appear to be eligible for two different categories, the candidate must choose a single category. Each work may be entered only once per deadline.
– Candidates may enter no more than two works per deadline.
– Each entry may include up to three cues, along with a brief description of the context for each.
– Each entry may be no longer than five minutes in duration and originate from only one audio-visual production.
– Each entry must be uploaded into the Data Management System. A link to view the submission through YouTube or Vevo is acceptable. Entries not complying with those technical requirements will be rejected. Audio-only submissions will not be considered.
– Candidates must ensure that the application and required supporting material is submitted through the data management system by the deadline.



– SOCAN Foundation reserves the right to review and modify its programs and processes, to terminate any program at any time, or to decline any application submitted, and is thus held harmless from all damages, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental.

– SOCAN Foundation reserves the right to publish a list of its grant recipients.

– SOCAN Foundation reserves the right to share with SOCAN the names and contact information contained in the application form, for SOCAN’s internal use.

– SOCAN Foundation is committed to handling your personal information responsibly. View our Privacy Policy page.


July 1, 2024


$2,250 – $5,000


Previous Winners

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