Charlie Wall-Andrews

Executive Director

Charlie’s areas of expertise include corporate philanthropy, marketing, revenue development, strategy, social responsibility, and sustainability. Charlie is a creator herself, and has developed an impressive portfolio of visual art, musical compositions and arrangements. In honour of her experience, talent and leadership she was awarded the NOBA Top 40 Under 40 in 2013. In 2015, she received a Vital People award from the Toronto Foundation, which recognizes leaders for making outstanding contributions to community organizations. Charlie holds a Degree in Music from Laurentian University, and Masters Degree in music from York University.

Julien Boumard Coallier

Administrator of Programs

As a graduate in communications studies whose Master’s thesis was on the practices of vinyl, Julien’s passion for music led him to explore every corner of the industry. Whether it’s through his academic research, his work for various cultural and musical media outlets or his stint working for a record label, Julien has honed his professional skills and developed a wide network of contacts. Now active as SOCAN Foundation’s grant program’s manager, this role allows Julien to fully exploit his communication, interpersonal and marketing skills to simplify the granting process, promote music and its creators and implement the organization’s strategic vision.

Meryl Gosch

Project Coordinator

Dixie Ota 

Operational Assistant